12TG Engines

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12TG Engines 12TG Engines

The ideal engine for getting into nitro!

The 12TG is economical, easy to break in – and makes any vehicle ROAR-legal. The 12TG consistently delivers up to 14 minutes of run time on a single tank of fuel.

  • Available with or without pull start, and comes with either a slide-valve or rotary carburetor.
  • Steer 1/10 scale on-roaders to the slide valve carb-equipped 12TG; it's a great drop-in for the HPI Nitro RS4 or R40.
  • The 12TG with rotary carb will boost performance in off-roaders such as the Associated GT2 and DuraTrax®'s Nitro Evader.
  • The 12TG-P features a pilot shaft, which allows for a no-mod retro-fit into today's top-level competition 1/10 scale stadium trucks.


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