O.S. 18CV-Rs: Fuel for the fire…

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O.S. 18CV-Rs: Fuel for the fire… O.S. 18CV-Rs: Fuel for the fire…

Taking R/C to extremes takes power and O.S. 18CV-Rs have it to burn.They mount in the same space as a 12 or 15CV, but deliver the punch of a big, booming .18 cubic inch (3.0 cc) displacement — just what you need to blow past the usual and out into "outlaw" country.

Here’s what you get:

  • True ABC construction.
  • "Outlaw" 6.5 mm carb bore
  • Machined, high-silicon aluminum piston
  • Machined, double-bushed aluminum conrod
  • Dual bearings
  • 360° fuel inlet
  • Mixture control screw
  • 11-fin, machined aluminum heat sink head
  • CAD-designed, CNC-machined liner ports
  • Dual-needle, screwdriver-adjustable carb
  • Hand-assembled quality


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