O.S. 18TZ

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O.S. 18TZ O.S. 18TZ

Premium power for the serious racer!

For today's competition driver, turbo is the way to go...and no other turbo engine goes like the 18TZ from O.S. It outperforms all other .18-size engines, delivering race-winning “outlaw” power for 1/10 scale buggies, stadium trucks and touring cars.

In a recent dyno test for an upcoming issue of RC Nitro Magazine, the new O.S. 18TZ rear-exhaust engine cranked out a record setting 2.28 bhp at 30,500 rpm. Steve Pond, R/C Nitro magazine

  • Oversize fins on the case dissipate heat to help keep engine temperatures lower.

  • Five ports in the liner increase airflow for more power.

  • The rear bearing is 12 mm in diameter, which lessens vibration and allows the engine to handle more torque.

  • A super-hot turbo P3 plug is included for better burn, more power and improved fuel economy.

  • The 18TZ-TX version features a new compact recoil starter that's smaller and lighter, making it easier to install.

Displacement: 0.183 cu in (3.0 cc) 
Bore: 0.629 in (16.0 mm) 
Stroke: 0.590 in (15.0 mm) 
Practical rpm: 3,000-34,000 
Output: 1.8 hp @ 29,000 rpm 
Weight (OSMG2110, OSMG2111, OSMG2114): 7.8 oz (222 g) 
Weight (OSMG2113): 9.3 oz (264 g) 
Includes: 11K slide-valve or 11L rotary carb, P3 turbo plug

O.S. 18TZ Application Chart


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