30VG (P) ABL

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30VG (P) ABL 30VG (P) ABL

Versatile VG performance, with an O.S. Easy Start!

With the latest redesign of the 30VG(P), O.S. has raised the bar for 1/8 scale racing engines. Engineered for off-road supremacy, the 30VG(P) features subtle enhancements that deliver more of what winning drivers are looking for!

  • An upgraded 21E slide-valve carburetor means easier tuning and more muscle for 1/8 scale monster trucks and truggies
  • Retrofits easily into .21-.25 and .28 spaces with no modifications
  • Features virtually perfect bore-to-stroke balance with a rear exhaust configuration
  • 3-port Advanced Bi-Metallic Liner (ABL) cylinder liner construction for better compression and longer life
  • Oversized SG (pilot) crankshaft with rubber-sealed front bearing and oversized rear bearing to handle high-torque loads

Stock Number: OSMG2076
Displacement: 0.298 cu in (5 cc) 
Bore: 0.728 in (17.5 mm)
Stroke: 0.7165 in (18.2 mm)
Practical rpm range: 4,000-36,000
Output: 3.0 hp @ 28,000 rpm
Weight w/o muffler: 12.7 oz (360 g)
Includes: 21E Carburetor, #8 Glow Plug
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